15 Jun 2014

Hot off the Press.....

I'm proud to announce my recent collaboration with the fabulous Shruti Designs. Working on an eclectic range of scarves and home wares for Spring 2015 is keeping me very busy and i can't wait to see the entire range with my own brand label.

12 Jun 2014

Winter Poppies

My 'Poppies' design was selected for Autumn 2014 at Peony. So nice to get a floral out there after so many conversational patterns.I particularly like the charcoal colour way.

11 Jun 2014

Tuti Fruity for Autumn 2014

My Tuti Fruity design here has been printed by Peony as part of their Autum/Winter range for 2014. I love these punchy colours on a beige base.

31 May 2014

The Gingerbread Man

Gosh! Blue Raspberry selected another of my designs, its the Gingerbread Man and Lady.... marvelous!

It's a London Thing

New for AW14 is my London Taxi theme scarf design for Blue Raspberry scarves. I'm over the moon with the print production of this style. I think this one is going to be a winner!

8 Mar 2014


Good morning all! ..... Hope you are all having a great Weekend. Apparently the weather is going to be fabulous for many of us here in the UK for the next 48 hours so if its all getting a bit much for you, keep calm and eat a doughnut!

7 Mar 2014

Busy Busy Busy ...

Life got a bit hectic recently hence the lack of posts. But I am still here - working hard on new creative endeavors. Hope all is well in Blogger land ....Lisa

29 Jan 2014

New Stuff

After being 'stuck in a rut' for quite some time, I decided to try some new stuff. Maybe an obvious transition is the addition of collage to my paintings of fabrics textiles and any other materials that seem to fit what I am working on, I have after all worked in fabric pattern design for a while now.  Previous posts will indicate my interest in watercolour and ink and for a while I experimented with watercolour which has become a strong favorite in the toolbox. At the moment I seem to be fixated on cats and dogs which is a nice theme to start playing around with. I am even tempted to print some animal themed cards and actually open an Etsy shop!... This cat will have to keep you going for a while now though as I am at the Spring Fair Birmingham  for the first week in Feb taking orders for Blue Raspberry.

In addition to the animals, there is a strong urge to spend some time sketching and recording - buildings, people, places...... Perhaps some trips into London are in order?  

23 Jan 2014

Blue Raspberry Launch

Blue Raspberry is an all new brand of scarves that I was given the opportunity to brand and design in 2013. It was launched this month (January 2014) at Top Drawer - Earls court and received a superb reaction.  The designs for this range are intended for the younger, fashion savvy customer and are all fun, slightly irreverent and above all eye catching. A brilliant opportunity and fun project so thanks Blue Raspberry! 

7 Jan 2014


So 2014 is already a week in and last year seems such a long time ago, the Christmas tree has gone and all that remains from the festivities is a slightly lower bank balance and a slightly bigger waistline as all the Christmas cheese, wine and chocolates have been consumed! 

This year I am hoping to be able to continue doing what I already do and more - I am at Top Drawer in January launching a whole new brand of scarves that I have designed which is really exciting and I will post about this a bit later on in the month. Of course I also intend to continue with the pet portraits as well, above is the last one I worked on in 2013 - Maxi the Dachshund and my first commission of  2014 - Archie the Chocolate Labrador is below.

As I am no longer a student, it is time to spread my wings and start thinking seriously about what I am going to do with the rest of my working life and so I do have other plans but I will keep those quiet for now... to find out you will just have to be patient for now and watch this space. 

Bye for now....